Exhibition Brochures

Esphyr Slobodkina was a member of the Artists’ Union, the Works Progress Administration’s Federal Art Project (WPA/FAP), and the American Abstract Artists (AAA) group. Slobodkina served these organizations in administrative positions in varying capacities from 1936 through the 1990s.

Financial support for these entities was critical. Fundraising for exhibition expenses was secured through exciting galas and promotional shows. The groups needed exposure and positive coverage by the press for their survival. Slobodkina played an important role in the design and presentation of many brochures, posters, and written materials used for these artists’ events.

This image gallery presents a chronological display of brochures and invitations preserved in the Slobodkina Foundation archives.

As an advocate of abstract art, Slobodkina’s participation in the avant-garde activities and exhibitions helped to achieve recognition for abstract art in the United States.