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Frost Collection

In 1987 “The Patricia and Phillip Frost Collection: American Abstraction 1930-1945” was gifted by the Frosts to the National Museum of American Art in Washington. This collection is devoted to the 20th-century American art of the American Abstract Artists group. This video offers a in-depth look at the work of the American Abstract Artists group expressed by some of the members.

Excerpt 1 from American Abstraction 1930 -1945

Slobodkina relates how Artist Ilya Bolotowsky influenced her work; conversation of art was way above her understanding of how in the early years; Bolotowsky presented her to a group of artists he was organizing to form an abstract artist group and wanted her to belong to it. Slobodkina on fashion: “Dressmaking was not a trade, it was always an art.”

“Inspiration: there is no such thing as inspiration, for me it is concentration, dedication, and interest in your work.”

Excerpt 2 from American Abstraction 1930 -1945

Slobodkina speaks about her transition to abstract art followed by a portfolio: slide show of works.

Interview with ABC

Art McFarland from ABC news Long Island interviews Esphyr Slobodkina (age 92) at the Great Neck Art Center, NY during a retrospective exhibition of her art. In this video McFarland speaks to her about her children’s book classic Caps for Sale. When asked why Slobodkina wrote about monkeys, Slobodkina replies, “Everybody loves monkeys, unless, of course, you have to live with them.”

Esphyr Slobodkina: 60 Year Survey

Esphyr Slobodkina: Six Decades of Groundbreaking Painting, Collage, and Sculpture. Presented by LewAllen Galleries.