Esphyr Slobodkina

Honoring the Life and Art of a Pioneer of American Abstraction

Turboprop Skyshark

Turboprop Skyshark

Year: 1950
Type: Painting

Catalog #: SF_0108

Current Location:
Lewallen Galleries

Exhibition History:

“Esphyr Slobodkina: An Introspective,” Art & Culture Center of Hollywood, February 16-March 18, 1984; Tufts show, 1992;
“Esphyr Slobodkina: Journey into Abstraction,” Kraushaar Galleries, October 1-30, 2004
“Rediscovering Slobodkina: A Pioneer of American Abstraction,” Heckscher Museum, Huntington NY, Dec 2008-Mar 2009,
Samuel P. Harn Art Museum, Gainesville, FL, Jun 16 – Sept 6, 2009;
Naples Museum of Art, Naples, FL, Oct 1 – Dec 29, 2009.
Sheldon Museum of Art, Licoln Nebraska, Jan-April 2010.
Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln Nebraska, Jan-April 2010.

16 3/4 x 20 3/4

Turboprop Skyshark

Signature / Artist Notation:
The Art Digest, March 15, 1951, quoted in Notes for a Biographer, Volume II, p.476;

From an interview with Vivian Berman, recorded in a 2.15.2001 essay: “I did this after a picture on the cover of Time Magazine.” ES describes her style as “Abstract Surrealist” while looking at this work. “Although concise and flatly painted, the abstractions of Esphyr Slobodkina have a drama that arises from subtle use of opaque color and an intricacy of spatial effects. This drama – much of it that of the mechanical in the modern world – is evident in Turboprop Sky Shark where dynamic tensions are created by an overlapping and interweaving of inventive shapes” ( Review from The Art Digest, March 15, 1951, quoted in Notes for a Biographer, Volume II, p.476). Slobodkina notes that “this thing is constructed just like an airplane. There’s a body, there’s a wing structure…I don’t believe in this Kandinsky floating stuff. I’m not a ghost…I’m still building structures…I’m very architectonic” (Slobodkina Interview, March 26, 1994, Tape II, Side I).