Spots Alias Prince

written and illustrated by Esphyr Slobodkina

Published in 1988 by Esphyr Slobodkina

SYNOPSIS: Little John loved his dog Spots, and they went everywhere together. But sometimes Spots was mischevious: he barked, he lost his ball during catch, and he gave away children’s hiding plaecs when they played hide and seek. Eventually, the other children wouldn’t let Little John play with them unless he left Spots at home.

Little John decided to change Spots by giving him a new color coat, a fancy new haircut, and some lessons in behavior. Spots even got a new name: Prince. But how would the other children react to Prince? And was the old Spots gone forever?

About the Illustrations:  Spots, Alias Prince was produced using collage and colored pencil.   The illustration layout, much of it set using angular planes, is indicative of Slobodkina’s penchant for abstraction.

Sample of Inside pages: